Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Enhancing your community online (and for free!)

There's a great story in today's Tennessean about a virtual fence in East Nashville. The story is about the residents of Inglewood, and their need for a new way to communicate to each other. With the help of Laura Creekmore they were able to create the East Nashville listserv.

When the budget ran out for their community newsletter, they decided to take it online.

Now the residents posts messages about everything going on in their neighborhood. They interact and even meet each other at coffee shops having never met face to face before.

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lcreekmo said...

Just to clarify: There are a number of listservs in East Nashville. I created and manage the East Nashville listserv on Google. Kay Brooks created and manages the Inglewood listserv, which I believe is on Yahoo!. I didn't have anything to do with the Inglewood list.

Dave Delaney said...

Thanks for clearing that up Icreekmo.