Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools

My father in-law freaked me out yesterday morning, April Fool's Day. He and my wife concocted a scheme to make me think our car had been stolen. The joke went off well, I was startled for a few minutes. I had been had. So, I decided to seek revenge on him. He is in the steel business, so I decided I would hit him where it "could" hurt.

He still uses Internet Explorer as his browser, his homepage is I took a screen capture of the page and Photochopped the News section. I redirected Explorer's homepage to open the image instead.

It was hilarious when he read the Breaking News headlines. I watched quietly laughing as he leaned in closer to the screen to read the rest of the shocking news story. Here's the capture I created:

I linked the entire image to a random April Fool's image I found on Google Images.

A lesson was learned...don't mess with a New Media guy on April Fool's Day!


Anonymous said...

Poor Sammy! That's hilarious dude. I'll never forget the time you both caught me out with the fake lottery ticket though. I didn't even cop when it said I could claim the prize at 5 Yoremama's House! Hook line and sinker!

BDM said...

Too funny Dave...better than an elastic in the face...gotta remember that one for next should patent the process...

Dave Delaney said...

Thanks guys. The gag lottery tickets are always a great way to fool someone.

Elastics can take eyes out, can't advocate that kind of behavior now can I? heh heh.


Will Bridges said...

This is an awesome april fools gotcha!

Michelle said...

Props for your Photochopping skillz. Did your wife think it was funny too?