Monday, August 13, 2007

What I learned at Gnomedex 2007

Wow, wow, wow. I am seriously experiencing some geek flavored withdrawal right now. I had the good fortune to be able to attend Gnomedex for the first time over weekend in Seattle (thanks, Emma) with my friend Marcus Whitney. It was an incredible experience.

Thanks to everyone I met, you guys all seriously rule. The conference was a real eye-opener to how tight our community really is. It's one thing to measure link love with Feedburner or Google Analytics, but to actually congregate in one room/bar and chat in the flesh is beyond cool. Who says we all live in dark rooms with our heads always buried in front of monitors? Ok, so maybe that's true for most of the rest of the year :-).

Let's all be sure we keep in touch. If you haven't "friended" me on Twitter yet please do:

Here's my breakdown on Gnomedex 2007. Thanks to Chris and Ponzi for a rockin' conference.

Things I learned at Gnomedex (in no specific order):

- Comic Sans is (still) the worst font ever (closely followed by Curlz)
- EVERYONE who counts should be on Twitter
- Open Money needs to be explained in 140 characters or less
- Conference spam sucks
- Justin.TV isn't worth watching anymore (his words, not mine)
- Scoble and Pirillo should avoid traveling to Hawaii together.
- We're all doomed: brought to you by Amazon and Cisco - Blog that!
- Use cancer to get telemarketers off your back
- New Media teachers and their students need to switch classroom seating arrangements
- Magnets have something to do with energy
- Bring a lot of Stacies to cover your bar tab
- Pack your cruise wear and a grappling hook
- Pack a bullet proof vest
- Don't kill your cousin's dog
- All Gnomedex contests are rigged
- Chris Pirillo has big shoes
- High Times Magazine needs to be a future sponsor
- Order the salmon
- Boast about not watching TV while you lived in Boston, @ Harvard
- JibJab is fueled by vodka
- Don't forget your bucket
- Be a pretty good ancestor
- Interview and record your parents
- If you present with a long panel-type table, have a panel discussion
- flood board if you're bored
- "ouchie doo doo" is a new favorite term - thanks Baratunde
- Guy Kawasaki needs to join Twitter
- We can save the world with thongs?
- Common Craft need to create a video on how to use Twitter (so the rest of the world can figure it out)
- Save Internet Radio (but that one's a given)

Got any additions? Please leave me a comment.


Ariel's Cyber PR said...

This summary abput says it all!
I couldn't agree MORE abt Twitter, spent the whole planeride writing about why every musician should join ASAP

Thaks for the rad wrap Up!
Ariel "ordered the Crabcakes" Hyatt

Dave Delaney said...

Thanks Ariel:
It was a real pleasure meeting you. Keep in touch.


joared said...

Reads like you learned a lot. Glad you got the bit about interviewing and recording your parents. Did you catch the bit about the need to make computers more elder friendly -- that's for folks 50 yrs and older? ;-)

Dave Delaney said...

Yes definitely. I knew I'd forget a few things. People should check out Ronnie's blog:

Young & Old. We'll all be old one day :-)

Cheers for the comment.

Scott said...

I have serious GeekEnvy--Sitting here at Podcamp Nashville with a beer and an AC connection for my laptop. Am happy. Loved your presentation, sorta like the free-but-slow wifi, am encouraged and pleased with the turnout for this event. Things'r poppin'. :)