Thursday, October 4, 2007

Buisness Wire panel recap

Thanks to Business Wire for inviting me to speak on their panel about blogging, social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

It was a pleasure to share the stage (err, table) with Rex Hammock, Jon Henshaw and Bill Hobbs. I don't know Bill personally, but I do know Rex from his blog and as a fellow Twitter addict. Jon is a great guy as well who works with a terrific SEO company called Sitening.

Speaking of Sitening, it's always nice to see Statsia. Statsia was kind enough to speak at our event, BarCamp Nashville earlier this summer. She did a fantastic job of explaining Google Analytics there, as she did recently at a NAMA luncheon.

So good to meet so many people interested and excited about social media for their companies, and hopefully their lives as well. Blogging is really an extension of who we are, use the technology for good. Share, join and build communities. Web 2.0 is really just that, it's a return to a time where consumers ruled. Interact and engage with your customers and visitors, be honest and friendly and they will respect you.

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steven edward streight said...

So what was the gist of what you said to the Business Wire panel?

What did you learn? What insights can you share?


Dave Delaney said...

Thanks Vaspers. We spoke mainly about blogging and search engine optimization for businesses. I stressed that companies that decide to create blogs must do so being honest. It's also important that the blog be used to help the consumer, not just as a straight commercial for said product or service.

Just to clarify, I was actually on the panel.

Thanks for the comment.