Friday, April 20, 2007

Spongebob No Pants

Have you seen the Burger King commercial where a man rises out of a tub of suds to crack a Spongebob Squarepants joke to his wife? Either had I.

Today I was reading the latest on AdAge when I came across the story. Apparently a group of people lead by a Rev. Wildmon have started a ruckus over the nudity in the ad. I should note, there is no nudity in the spot.

Now go ahead and watch the commercial and decide for yourself.

I'm starting to think that the Reverend works for the ad agency who came up with the spot. Think about it. What a brilliant way to make your commercial go viral (note the YouTube video above). All you need is a spokesperson against the product or advertisement.

A Google Blog search found the ad has been talked about all over the web.

So what do you think? A grand conspiracy, or are people actual lame enough to actually find the ad offensive?


L Conn said...

The reason that people find it offensive is because the guy is naked with suds covering his private area. The woman looks directly where his penis is. This commercial for a spongebob toy from burger king. Why do they need to show a man in a bathtub? Would you like your kids to see this? I find it offensive and I am 25. No I am not a prude!

CarlyCorday said...

I Googled this repugnant thing to see if a campaign was underway yet to bury its butt for real. Unbelievably, I came across rant after rant by adults who think this commercial is witty stuff made for them (!), and all seem pukily proud that they "get it," while scolding those of us whose unsophisticated heads it goes right over.

Now to blast the disgusting thing itself: The man is taking a bath with the door open and his kids romping past the doorway. My father never did that, but he probably didn't have a good adult sense of humor (so I'm learning). Second of all, the wife standing there in the bathroom is so ugly, I can't stand the commercial for that reason alone. She looks deliberately evil. She looks cold and waxy. She looks vampiricly dead. She lowers her long, slitted, narrow gaze to his crotch as he stands up out of the bathtub. Her stare drops in this direction repeatedly, up and down. (This is on purpose, people.) She just stands there looking at him, making me wonder why she's in the bathroom anyway, and why does she hate her husband? Why so contemptuous of this poor exceptionally unattractive dumb slob? Even his stupid joke about "no pants" shouldn't earn him the amount of contempt she heaps on with that cold-wax face and that staring silence of hers. Where is her wit? Why doesn't she talk to him? If he's so stupid with his joke, why doesn't she kid him back? They don't know each other, these two, and it's scarily obvious! And her exit line of "Wow" (or something like that) is BRRRRILLIANT, isn't it?? Somebody was up late for many nights, coming up with that. Anyway, the wife alone is enough to make me squirm and bite my thumbnail while I wait for LOU DOBBS or my SCRUBS re-runs to come back on.

Next of all, this commercial plays more often than any other in television history. Every channel, every commercial break, contains this commercial at LEAST once. And third (or fourth), it is so purely, embarrassingly pedopheliac, I think I'm going to throw up NOW. This commercial should have been DON IMUSED within three minutes of its first airing.

I can usually rant against something I really, really hate, a lot better than this. But this commercial leaves me just dry-heaving. Every last thing about it is repulsive and insulting. To make it worse, the "decency brigades" are out to ban it now, completely clouding the real issue, which is that the commercial is unapologetically, horrifically stupid, and that it PLAYS CONSTANTLY. Many are the TV commercials that play so often they nearly drive viewers insane. This commercial does that, and then it does more besides, and then it goes beyond that, and then it jumps in a vat of steroids and does it all AGAIN. It beats ANYTHING I have EVER seen or ever HOPE to see in my life. I feel, for the first time, a real animosity even toward the actors. And I am not one to hate for fun! Really! The Sanjaya-hating I hear and see, even on cable news channels...I think it's awful, sick and disturbed, and right in tune with the End-Of-Days presidential administration we have now, the Iraq war, the Katrina aftermath, and all else that boggles. I'm not part of the "mean is in" scene. Or wasn't, until NOW.

These actors will eventually appear in commercials for other products, but the impression they made on me in the BK commercial is 101 percent indelible. I won't buy my favorite product on earth, if a commercial comes out for that product with one of these actors in it.

It's doubly gross to learn how many silly-ass adults are calling this commercial "brilliant." To you who claim it's brilliant, I say, "You poor dumb bastard. What a life you must lead. How just-like-you your friends all must be."

My parents used to talk about a science fiction short story they liked, called "The Age of the Marching Morons." Well we are there, y'all. Just ask Google, if you doubt it.

Me, I just need a new job, one that doesn't involve caring for a nice elderly lady with whom I'm forced to sit and watch TV. *GAG*... I love her, but that God-forsaken commercial...

Yes, yes, yes, obviously, this commercial has made me think and think and think! But I'm not going to Burger King, am I? NOPE. Not EVER. That doesn't spell successful ad in my book!

By God, as of now, I protest.
BAN THAT GROSS, STUPID, ASSININE, don't-let-dad-near-the-kids BK COMMERCIAL!!

Dave Delaney said...

Wow, what a response! I didn't expect this kind of feedback on my post. Great to hear your insight.

I still don't find the ad that offensive, but that's me.

Yeah opinions!